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Terms of Service and Design

All the services and business between (Diego Mancilla) and a hiring company (companies) will abide to this service contract when requesting any service from All work by (Diego Mancilla) is performed under a work-for-hire basis. If a breach of contract occurs, the violating party forbids any form of legal action towards (Diego Mancilla). I. Web Creation Website service plans will vary based on Price Plan chosen by Client. Website service plans include 1 website creation, with a variable of sub-pages within the website, email accounts, online backup and special promotions being offered (complementary flyer, business card or menu creations). Website creations are open to businesses and individuals. Length of website creation will vary based on Client’s needs and budget given. Websites require a 1-year contract with (Diego Mancilla) and a security deposit of $150, which can be waived up to $50 based on current promotions and discounts applied above. Client may cancel Web Creation within 7-days of the Date Created for this contract and Security Deposit will be credited back, after 7-days no refunds will be made. Website creations do require a Monthly Plan specifying the amount of websites included, number of sub-pages, email accounts, online backup and/or email marketing. If contract is ended at Client’s request prior to the End Contract Date on the Service Contract, a fee of $200 per domain (website URL) will be applied on the Final Invoice. Domain transfers can be made after the contract expires, to a new provider with a transfer fee of $25 per domain. Transfer can take between 24-48 business hours or up to 5 business days depending on New Provider processing time. Upon completion of all domain transfers all services and responsibilities will end on behave. II. Print Creations Business Card (BC) creations are available to all Clients and customized to Clients needs including the company logo, headline, business/individual name, location and contact info. BC’s are offered on quantities of 250, 500 and 1000 with 2 different finishes on 100lb Paper Stock (glossy and matte). Each can be customized from fonts, colors, photographs including front-back full color or front full color-blank back. Menu Creations (MC) are available to all Clients and customized to Client’s needs including company logo, tag lines, business/individual name, location, and contact info. MC can be printed on 5 different paper sizes and 2 different finishes (glossy and matte). MC’s usually take 3-5 business days or up to 7 business days based on menu size, finish and content included. Flyer Creations (FC) are available to all Clients and customized to Clients needs including company logo, tag lines, headline, business/individual name, location, times and contact info. FC’s can be printed on 5 different paper sizes and 2 different finishes (glossy and matte). FC’s usually take 3-5 business days or up to 7 business days based on amount requested and size. All creations are non-returnable after receiving approval to print from Client. III. Graphic Creation Logo Creations are gladly available if requested by Client. Logo Creations have a flat fee of $200 per basic logo design (1-3 color scheme), $299 per “intricate” logo design (custom colors and shapes) or $399 per professional logo design (custom typography, color schemes, shapes, textures). Upon completion of a logo creation and full successful payment of Logo Creation, relinquishes all rights of use to purchasing Client (work for hire). Logo Re-creations are offered on the grounds that Client already holds full right to use preexisting logo to build up a logo recreation. Furthermore, as the designing contractor will maintain a copy of any Logo Creation under its “View Portfolio” sub-webpage under for the sole purpose of demonstrating design skill, not ownership of a logo re-design or logo ownership ones it has been registered through the United States Patent and Trademark Office or the United States Copyright Office. Logo Creations include full creation of logo in Adobe Suite and CD backup including .jpeg, .gif, .png, .ai, or .bmp file formats. IV. Design Ethics and Service All design work created by or with the help of (Diego Mancilla) is conducted under a work for hire basis. Client will hold rights to use logo creations on print, web and other media unless specifically stated on the Logo Design form. will archive a copy of any design creation and post it on its online portfolio on for the sole purpose of demonstrating design skill to future Clients and does not imply ownership of a logo creation unless specifically stated at the time of the Logo Creation request whether is in a verbal or written statement. (Diego Mancilla) will complete all design in a good-faith manner and will complete all design on the basis that a hiring Client holds all rights to an original logo when making a logo re-design to modify or change an original logo. Logo Re-designs relieves (Diego Mancilla) from any presumed ownership of a re-creation. All rights or creation, logo use and marketing of logo re-creations are made outside of the scope of ownership of a re-design and fall on to the hiring Client, relieving (Diego Mancilla) from any legal action. All design work is performed on a presumed motion that any original work brought to by a Client as a base for a design is owned by the Client and or has the rights to use the original creation. If in violation of ownership occurs on Clients end, (Diego Mancilla) is relieved from any design disputes in legal court or arbitration. V. Service Agreement Contract is effective starting the date stated above under ‘Contract Start Date’ and ends on the date listed under ‘Contract End Date.’ Contract length can vary based upon Website Creation requested and length requested by Client. By default all Website Creations require a one-year contract. Contracts created for longer than 1 year will not be accessed a security deposit. All domain cancellations must be completed by submitting the Service Cancellation Form found on Discounts for bundle services will apply under ‘Discounts’ and will be determined at the Agent’s discretion. Two months prior to reaching the Contract End Date will send a confirmation to renew your contract for an additional year and receive a special incentive for renewing your service(s) with Renewals are not required but are optional. If can improve any service(s) being offered we welcome you discuss this with your Agent.